The Hunger Games


The first round of the Hunger Games

  • The adventurers notice a black, flickering, buzzing smoke traveling behind the goblins.
  • Someone notices that the smoke is actually a swarm of black insects of unknown origin.
  • Vinna is rushed by a goblin minion and the minion delivers a devastating blow with a critical attack.
  • Vinna is quickly surrounded by goblins, but Obrie uses her Scorching Burst to drop two of the incoming goblins.
  • Obrie backs out of the cave but is rushed by a bugbear waiting outside, who swings its greataxe at Obrie, taking advantage of her lack of nearby friends to deal a devastating blow.
  • Obrie and Vinna are badly hurt, but Lycan uses an Inspiring Word to help Obrie.
  • Dodgeon follows up by healing Vinnaand destroying another minion, leaving the party with an opportunity to focus their fire on the bugbear.
  • Everyone starts to drop their most powerful attacks on the bugbear, and it quickly begins to look haggard.
  • Moragwen tries to surround the bugbear but the bugbear gets lucky and hits her hard. The bugbear soon follows the attack and drops Moragwen unconscious.
  • Lycan grants temporary hit points to his team and Dodgeon restores Vinna and rushes to help Moragwen, who rises with temporary hit points.
  • Vinna draws the attention of the bugbear, and the team gathers outside the cave to finish it off.
  • Meanwhile, Meeka has been paralyzed with fear between the incoming goblins and the bugbear, but the goblins in the cave soon descend on him, dropping him unconscious as the black insect swarm the cave and swarms at its entrance, as though blocked by an invisible wall.
  • Lycan drops the last goblin minion as it comes from the cave, but its bloody swords suggests it finished Meeka off, inside the swarm.
  • Lycan, feeling badly for Meeka and hoping to gain more information about his allegiances, takes attacks from two other emerging cave goblins and plunges into the swarm to help Meeka, who is barely hanging on to life.
  • Lycan sees as the swarm contacts his armor and weapons that anything metal—his armor and weapons—corrode and rust to nothingness before his eyes.
  • Lycan finds Meeka and searches him, finding a note before healing him and helping out of the cave.
  • Everyone outside finishes off the goblins, and upon doing so, the entire scene—swarm, cave, and outdoors—fades to dust as the roar of crowds reappears, and the adventurers find themselves in the middle of the Colosseum pelted by roses.
  • Dead goblins and bugbear become dead halfling arena gladiatorial slaves and a large human champion.
  • The team is escorted The Capitol guard and wizards back to their quarters. Healers heal their wounds.
  • Lycan goes back to his room to read Meeka‘s note—it’s a letter to his parents with his last words.
  • Shepherd soon appears and congratulates the team on a job well done. He tells them no team has ever survived the first round of the game intact before (and wouldn’t if not for Lycan’s act of bravery).
  • Shepherd has important to share with the group, after they rest.



This was cool, Alan! I’m glad that your campaign is still going so well!

erlanter erlanter

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