House Rules

The following rules addenda apply to this campaign and will be adjusted as necessary for the sake of game balance.

Karma Points

Karma points reduce the frustration of disappointing attack rolls and the urge to rest between each combat round. Earned during and after encounters, they can then be exchanged for beneficial effects.

Karma Points: No action.
  • Spend for Effect: karma points may be spent at any time to gain an effect listed on the table below.
  • Acquired on Miss: If every attack roll made on your turn misses, you earn earn 1 karma point at the end of your turn.
  • Acquired per Encounter: You earn 4 karma points at the end of your first encounter following an extended rest and one less per encounter thereafter. For example, after the second encounter following an extended rest you earn 3 karma points, 2 after the third, 1 after the fourth, and 0 for each encounter following, until you take another extended rest.
  • Reset after Extended Rest: Your karma points reset to 0 after an extended rest.
  • Effect Karma Points
    Increase the result of your roll by 1 1
    Grant one karma point to a nearby ally 2
    Regain one healing surge 5

    House Rules

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