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Welcome to the Hunger Games campaign! This introduction is a great way to get you familiar with this setting. This page also provides links to basic campaign rules, followed by a glossary of simple descriptions (and deeper links) to help familiarize you with the Hunger Games world.


  • Achievements: tasks adventurers can complete for in-game bonuses.
  • Campaign Creation: the exercise used to create this campaign.
  • Character Creation: rules and information for character and background creation.
  • Crafts: power cards, rules reference, and other miscellany created by me.
  • House Rules: campaign addenda to the 4th Edition rules.


the Capitol
The capitol of Panem and center of its government.
the Dark Days
A time of district rebellion.
District 13
A district obliterated by the Capitol during the Dark Days.
the Fall of Nations
The time in which empires of a previous age fell.
the Hunger Games
A blood sport instituted by the Capitol in response to the Dark Days.
A nation of 12 districts built on the remains of previous empires.
the Quorum of Lords
The governing body of Panem, with 10 representatives from the Capitol and its surrounding Regions.
the Reaping
A lottery held annually to determine the participants of the Hunger Games.
A year’s supply of grain and oil, granted for each additional entry in the Reaping by those eligible.
the Treaty of Reason
Laws established by the Capitol in response to the Dark Days.
A competitor in the Hunger Games, chosen in the Reaping.

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